New profiles. No more re-licensing. More resources.

We're making improvements for next season.

Public health emergency, social distancing, face masks…strange and challenging times we’re living in!

Add empty pitches, no sport on TV for a while and cancelled training sessions, and it’s been a tough few months for all of us, and for the game we love. 

It’s likely, when you make your decision to return to coaching, new challenges await - both on and off the pitch.

But, you won’t face them alone! 



At the FA, we’re committed to making sure you have the support you need to continue providing great football experiences for your players.

To make sure we do that properly, we’ve listened to as many of you as possible about the improvements we need to make to improve how we support you on and off the pitch.

Two main themes emerged: firstly, you need easier access to relevant, real-world coaching resources; and secondly, the outdated licensing system needed modernising to eradicate the frustrations with keeping your profiles up to date each year.


We value all opinions that lead to great opportunities to evolve. We’ve listened, we’ve heard you, and now it’s time to respond.

So, for next season, we’re rolling out some improvements to help you in the changing environment and beyond.


New coaching profiles

A modern approach needs a modern profile. And one you can access from The Boot Room. 

Launching in 20/21, you’ll be able to access it from The Boot Room using your email and password on your FAN account. 

For the first time, everything you need will be in one place.  You’ll see the history and current status of your qualifications in a simple view, with new expiry notices built in to automatically notify you when it’s time to renew.  

No more re-licensing

We understand how having to re-license every year is a headache you could do without. Especially when asked to use an outdated website and online profile. A more modern approach is needed.

So, from next season, we’re closing the re-licensing window and will retire The FA Licensed Coaches’ Club website. If your qualifications are in date and up to date, you’ll be good to go. Simple as that.


Your new online profile will make the need for license cards a thing of the past. 

Everything will be online and in real-time, including your qualifications and CPD.

 So, if you ever need to show your qualifications to an employer, parent or player, you’ll have it all at your fingertips.    

Improved online resources and environments

It’s not just our resources we’re developing. We’re looking at improving where you get access to them as well.

The launch of our new YouTube is the first in a line of new online environments you can use. You’ll find most of our new coaching resources available there already, while our Twitter feed also has some great new things to check out.

We’ll be including more of it on the Boot Room as we roll out further exciting features and functionality to the site. It’s all about providing the best possible choice of digital environments to engage with whenever you need them.

More resources than ever before

We want you to have the materials that support your everyday coaching experience, when you need them most.

We also understand that demands on coaches go far beyond the field of play, and will change as a result of current challenges. So, we’re developing a new choice of engaging, on-demand coaching resources, when and where you need them.

Some of them are already available now - such as our Hot Topics webinars and Pass The Gloves On podcasts via our new YouTube channel

You'll also fine bespoke, bite-sized coaching tips on our @FALearning twitter account. 



Staying In-DateWhile we’re ending the need for you to prove to us once a year all of your qualifications are in date, we still want you to renew any set to expire.

That includes your safeguarding children and your first aid. With your new online profile, it’ll be easier than ever before to stay on top of it all.

Staying Up-to-DateWe all recognise the importance of self-development. As coaches, we’re in the business of development after all!  But we also have different needs.  

So, to make sure you’re able to stay up to date in your development, you’ll find new coaching resources available via YouTube and Twitter. 

And keep your eye on the new Boot Room to keep up your development and discover the support that’s available whenever you return to coaching.


L3-5 Coaches - what this means for you

Staying In-DateThe changes to FA Licensing do not affect your UEFA Licensing requirements. You’ll still need 15 hours every three years to maintain your UEFA licence. 

We’ll continue to support you with opportunities throughout the season for you to make sure you get the learning you need. 

We strongly encourage you to access both FA materials and external opportunities to maintain your development, further enhance your coaching journey and maximise the value you pass on to your players.

IMPORTANT:  Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have extended added one-year license extensions for any coaches whose UEFA licence expire in 2020 and has not been able to access the obligatory further education due to COVID-19. 

This is in line with UEFA recommendations. 


Whatever challenges are thrown at us over coming seasons, we’re committed to listening, responding and supporting the critical role you play within our coaching community, recognising the immense contribution you make to English football.

Whenever you return, we’ll be with you at every step.

For more information on these exciting changes, check out the FAQ’s here