Wildcats session

Lessons from a female-friendly club

09.08.21 at 6:00 PM
Webinar. Duration: 90 mins.
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As part of The FA’s mission to provide equal access to football opportunities for all females across all areas of the game, we invite you to join Regional Coach Developers Suey Smith and Mark Leigh for an informal, dare we say ‘friendly’ webinar discussion where invited guests from grassroots clubs will share their experiences, including the challenges they’ve faced and the successes they’ve achieved along the way.

Key content will include creating an inclusive club culture, your club facilities; player, coach and volunteer recruitment, spreading the word, on-pitch considerations, representation and advocacy at board level within your club, other organisations and support resources. There will be opportunities throughout the evening for you to pose questions to the panel.

In preparation, we encourage you to review the Female Friendly Toolkit. We hope you can join us.

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5th August 2021

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