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Out of Possession: Position Specific requirements of No.4 and No.8

07.07.21 at 7:00 PM
Webinar. Duration: 60 mins.
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Join Warren Hackett, Ted Dale, Ben Futcher, and Chris Sulley as they host a discussion on the FA Learning course resource 'Mid Block: Position Specific role of the 4 & 8'.

In preparation for the discussions please ensure you have watched the course resource recording ''Mid Block: Position Specific role of the 4 & 8' on the FA Learning YouTube channel.

As you watch consider the following questions:

In your coaching context, what do you consider to be the position-specific requirements of a No.4 out of possession?

Are these position-specific requirements different for a No.8 in your coaching context? If so why?

Then register to join an hour of discussion with Warren, Ted, Ben & Chris. If you have a question related to position-specific requirements out of possession, please submit this as part of the registration process and we will aim to answer as many as possible during the discussions.

As a result of watching the existing hot topic webinar on YouTube, registering on BigMarker, and joining the live discussions, 3 hours of CPD will be accredited to you. The discussions will be aimed at UEFA A & B Licence holders.


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4th July 2021

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