UEFA Futsal B Licence

Applications now open

Applications for the UEFA Futsal B Licence in the 22-23 season are open until Monday 18 July 2022. To begin your application, click the link below.


What's the course about?

Our UEFA Futsal B Licence qualification combines how to coach and develop individual specialisms and roles in your team.

This focus on individual playing roles will help you support players across all four corners of The FA’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model and will create a better team collective as a result.

I now intend to start coaching adult male Futsal, something I haven't done before as a female coach, but this course has given me loads of confidence to do that!

- FA Level 3 futsal coach

How's it structured?

The Course is delivered across six one-day blocks between October and May. 

You’ll take part in a mixture of practical and classroom learning, as well as online discussions in smaller tutor groups between face-to-face sessions. The online discussions will be based on additional online content which you will engage with. 

Throughout the course there will be two opportunities to receive feedback on your practical coaching in your own setting and this will form part of the assessment alongside a range of post block theory tasks.

What are the learning outcomes?

After completing this course you will learn:

  • How to connect training sessions to in-game tactics 
  • Psychological and physiological management and preparation 
  • About the goalkeeper as a specialist role  
  • Attacking and defending fundamentals and systems of play 
  • Attacking and defending special situations and set pieces 
  • Tactical approaches to playing with and against a fly goalkeeper 
  • How to perform post-game analysis and effective reflections 


Who’s it for?

This course has been specifically designed for coaches with teams either playing competitive futsal regularly, or preparing for a tournament or festival. 
As a result, all learners must work with players who train on a weekly basis and have a regular games programme. 
It’s also a requirement to hold both the FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal or National Futsal Course and FA Level 2 in Coaching Football or UEFA C Football.

What you'll be able to do with this qualification

The UEFA Futsal B Licence is the most advanced course on our futsal pathway.
After completing this course you will be equipped with everything you need to coach futsal across the grassroots and professional game. 

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