FA Level 4

(UEFA A) in Coaching Goalkeepers

Applications open

Applications for the next UEFA A in Coaching Goalkeepers course are open until 12 June 2022. Find out more and begin your application by following the link below.

What’s the course about?

As the professional game continues to evolve, so too does the role of the goalkeeper and their increasing importance to a team’s style of play.

On this course, you’ll learn how to approach goalkeeper coaching at the elite level of the game, with a specific focus on redefining the goalkeeper’s role in football and your approach to talent ID and recruitment, performance analysis, psychological development, as well as strength, fitness and conditioning training.

How's it structured?This course is made up of four two-day blocks of group learning, supported by a further four club site support visits to better enable the course fundamentals to be applied in practice. These take place in much smaller groups, on-site at your club environment.

The course is assessed through a mixture of practical activities, club site assessments and the management of a personal coaching portfolio.

What are the learning outcomes?

While studying this course you will discover new and exciting ways to approach your coaching and training from a mixture of practical and classroom learning.

Once you’ve completed this course you will understand how to:

  • Better understand your role and profile as a goalkeeper coach
  • Coach advanced technical training sessions
  • Develop your goalkeeper’s role in attack, defence and transition
  • Perform fitness, strength and conditioning drills and tests for goalkeepers
  • Identify goalkeeping talent through scouting
  • Conduct effective goalkeeper analysis and profiling
  • Implement mental preparation and stress management processes


Who’s it for?If you aspire to work at the very pinnacle of elite level goalkeeping then this is the course for you.

We have designed this course specifically for anyone who works with senior professional goalkeepers across the Premier League, English Football League, Women’s Super League and international football.

Every applicant looking to start this course must already be working in the professional game and should have already completed:


WHAT YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DO WITH THIS QUALIFICATIONBy successfully completing your FA Level 4 (UEFA A) in Coaching Goalkeepers you'll be equipped with a much better understanding of the psychological and physical factors that affect goalkeeper performances just as much as technical ability. 

It will also make you ready and able to coach senior and development players at any level of the game, putting you in a strong position to apply for roles such as head goalkeeper coach in a first team, professional football club, head of academy goalkeeper coaching, or working in a senior goalkeeper coaching position within a professional football club.

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