5 articles you may have missed in 2020

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As we approach the end of the year, we’ve rounded up five articles you may have missed on The Boot Room in 2020.
Marcus Rashford: my development journeyEngland forward, Marcus Rashford, discusses his player journey, particularly growing up through the Youth Development Phase at Manchester United.

Especially at this club, they teach you to not only be good footballers but good people


Next generation goalkeeping
FA head of goalkeeping, Tim Dittmer, explains how young English goalkeepers are getting a chance at the top level and discusses the work going on behind the scenes to help them get there.

When we looked at the slide this time, we realised that two of the goalkeepers had since gone on to play in the Premier League, one is playing in the Championship, and one of them is in the England senior team


Developing positive and enthusiastic defending
Being positive and enthusiastic might sound like a very basic starting point, but when you are in the Foundation Phase, children bring this with them whenever they play, so you can capitalise and build on this.

Being good at taking the ball off someone means that your team will be able to attack and suddenly all of the ‘in possession’ elements come into focus


How data, video and elite case studies can make you a better coach Candidates on The FA’s A Licence course are being challenged to develop their technical and tactical knowledge through the use of data, video content and elite game case studies. A process currently delivered through FA Learning’s YouTube channel.

It’s a massive part of a coaches toolkit and I don’t believe the level of analysis and technology involved is going to go away

- Laura Seth, FA performance analysis and insights manager

10 coaching skills to reflect on during lockdown Effective coaching is made up of knowledge and skill in many different areas. Use lockdown to reflect on your own coaching approach – in this piece, there are links to over 40 recommended articles to help you.

Taking time to develop trust, rapport and open communication will help the group become more receptive to your coaching ideas


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