Activate your attacks

Guide 5 - 11

In this practice, players are given a condition to dribble through certain areas in order to 'activate' their attacks.

The coach in the video below introduces the idea of “hiding”, moving (or “manoeuvring”) and “revealing” the ball to his players. These are all terms used as part of the Foundation Phase DNA, so they might be familiar to you.

The set-up encourages players to stay on the ball and hide it from opponents, before skilfully continuing the attack. The players quickly show confidence and a great willingness to stay in possession, whilst they refine the decision-making related to the release of the ball.

During the session, the coach also gives a great example of how to keep the practice going while working individually with a player. This kind of intervention can help build a positive and trusting relationship with the players, as it's more about support and guidance than pointing out mistakes.

Activate your attacks

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