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Challenges in small-sided games

    Encourage your players to master the ball by incorporating challenges into small-sided games.


    This game can be used with a variety of players on each team so try to match the numbers with the age, ability and needs of your players. 5v5 is shown in the graphic below, but be creative and try lots of others. In this typical small-sided game, add challenges to teams and specific players.

    A diagram of a football pitch showing a 5v5 game.

    How to play

    Try to match a challenge to the individual needs of your players.


    • Try to score without using a teammate.
    • Try to stay on the ball until you can pass forward.
    • Try to have as many touches as you can whilst keeping the ball for your team.

    You can come up with your own and set as many as you want, as long as you challenge each player appropriately.

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