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England DNA 5-11: balloon mayhem

    This activity is great fun – and is sure to engage your players from the word "go".

    However, with knots to tie and balloons to pop, you’ll need a bit of patience to pull it off.

    Balloon mayhem


    Session plan

    Each player is given a balloon and attaches it to their ankle using an elasticated tie. Make sure the balloon can move freely at the end of the tie.

    DNA Foundation Phase session plan

    How to play

    On “go”, all players try to burst the balloons of their teammates and the last player with their balloon still inflated is the winner. In the video, you can see a variety of tactics emerging. Players avoid having their balloon burst through quick movements, dodges and changes in direction. Others adopt a more cagey approach – so be prepared for both.

    The video also shows that the game got quite tactical. So, towards the end, some players (who were already out) were sent back in to get the mayhem going again.

    To ensure you get lots of action, keep the area quite small and have lots of balloons ready for the next go – players always ask to do this again.

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