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England DNA 5-11: creatively breaking lines

    With this fast-paced session you can encourage players to find channels to help play the ball in close quarters.


    This 2v2 game is set up in one main playing area, with one player from each team in each of the smaller end zones, as shown in the image below.

    session plan graphic

    How to play

    Teams play 2v2 with the task of keeping possession, with a goal being scored if the ball is played to their own player in one of the end zones.

    The team that’s in possession also controls the positions in the end zones. So if the yellows have the ball and their player in the end zone needs to move to the other side to open up a passing line, the blue player must change places to allow that to happen. If the blues have possession and their player in the end zone has to move, the yellow player must swap over.

    Once the ball has been played into the player at one end, they play it back into the middle for the attack to go in the other direction.

    The game can also be played with 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 in the middle area.


    To progress the session you can change the players over so that they get a chance to play in all positions.

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