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England DNA 5-11: multisport warm-up activity

    In this session, your players will need to use skills from both football and basketball.

    This is a multisport approach. It provides a great way to challenge your team's coordination and ability to move.

    Multisport warm-up activity


    Session plan

    To prepare your team for this activity, split them into pairs and give each player a ball. Within the pair, identify one player as the 'dribbler' (football skill) and their partner as the 'chaser'. This is illustrated in the session plan below. 

    DNA Foundation Phase session plan

    How to play

    The chaser bounces the ball using his hands (basketball skill) and looks to 'tag' the dribbling player. If successful, the players change roles and start again.

    Different area sizes can be used to reflect the age and ability of your players. This activity is also great for indoor sports-hall sessions – as the hard floor helps when bouncing the ball with the hands.


    To learn more about Foundation Phase DNA, click here.

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