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Five sessions you may have missed in 2021

    As we approach the end of the year, we’ve rounded up five sessions you may have missed on The Boot Room in 2021.

    Developing receiving skills

    Sarah Lowden, FA coach development officer, looks at ways to develop receiving skills using a game-based approach. She uses three activities to help players work on when and how to receive the ball and encourage them to use space to play forward. If you want to find out more about this session, click here.

    A session plan graphic showing a pitch cut into four vertical sections with footballs lined up around the edge of the pitch. The two end sections have a keeper in goal, with the two middle sections having a player on the outside of the pitch passing a ball into teammates before joining to create a 3v2 situation.

    Stay on the ball

    If you’re looking to work on turning with your youngest players, try this simple activity. It’ll help your team understand how to turn with the ball and will get them used to staying on it under pressure. For more info, click here.

    A session plan graphic showing four players and a small area. The players are split into two teams of two. A player from each team goes into the middle of the area to play 1v1, with the aim of keeping possession of the ball. Their teammates are positioned outside the area waiting to be passed to if needed.

    Bib tag

    Danny Fenner, FA diversity and inclusion officer, shares a fun session idea that will help players develop their movement skills with the ball. This is a great activity for primary-age players. To find out more, click here.

    A session graphic showing nine players with a ball, and one player without. The player without the ball is the ‘tagger’. They must chase the other players and, when close enough, throw their bib towards the ball. If it makes contact with the ball, they earn a point.

    Five goals, five ways

    If you’re looking for a new session to help your team develop their finishing skills, this is a great option. It’s perfect for getting your players to work on different techniques in front of goal. To discover how it works, click here.

    A session plan graphic showing a 6v6 game (includes goalkeepers) with a whiteboard at the side of the pitch.

    Football bowling

    Jo Williams, FA coach development officer, shares an idea for an arrival activity that'll help your young players improve their finishing. To find out how to play football bowling, click here.

    A graphic showing two players stood either side of three footballs that are balanced on cones in the middle of a small area. One player has a ball, ready to try and knock off the footballs balanced on the cones.

    If you use any of these with your team, let us know how you get on by posting in The FA Community forums.

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