Session 12 - 16

SESSION: Futsal – defensive techniques

    Former Santos futsal coach Luis de Barros delivers a futsal practice focusing on defending with grassroots players.

    Key objectives

    During this session players will develop their understanding of:

    • defending 1v2
    • body shape, timing of interception and cutting off passing options
    • pressure, cover and balance.

    Defending 1v2


    Working as a three: pressure, cover and balance


    Defending 1v2 to goal



    After you have watched this session, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How would you adapt or tweak the practice to make it appropriate to your own players?
    • What additional challenges could you set to make the practice easier or harder for individuals or your group?

    The footage above is archive content first released on The FA Licensed Coaches’ Club website.

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