Hide, manoeuvre and attack

Guide 5 - 11

Developing the confidence of each young player and their individual ability on the ball will have benefits not only for now but well into the future. Using this hide, manoeuvre and attack activity will help you with that.
This video shows another variation on the theme of “hiding” and “manoeuvring” the ball away from an opponent.

Keeping possession of the ball in this way is as important as being able to pass and move effectively and more time must be dedicated to this.

The coach in the video below also adapts the session to deal with odd numbers and if some thought is given to who plays against whom, and how big the area size should be, it’s another great way to begin to meet the individual needs of the players.

There’s also a target for the defensive players as they have to win the ball cleanly off their opponents (no kicking the ball away) and quickly turn defence into attack.

Hide, manoeuvre and attack

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