Hold and release

Guide 5 - 11

This ‘hold and release’ game is great for increasing enjoyment, motivation and reactions and it encourages players to look after the ball, which is an important part of the Foundation Phase DNA.
If you try this game with your team, you might have to help your players get used to the rules, and the fact that they need to be aware that it might be the ball that they’re holding that’s now the match ball. However, if you persevere, it’s a game that will energise your team and help them develop some great Foundation Phase DNA habits along the way.

Hold and release part 1

The video below shows a progression from the original game of ‘hold and release’.

It’s important that in the Foundation Phase of development, players are exposed to a wide range of physical (as well as technical) experiences. Doing this will increase their movement capability and prepare them for anything that might happen in the future.

The coach in this video asks the players to hold the ball behind their back, but it could also be under their arm or over their head. Balls of different sizes and shapes can also be used. Each change provides a different challenge and compromises their movements in slightly different ways. Increasing movement variability in this way is great for young players and fits well with the overall DNA.

Hold and release part 2

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