Session 12 - 16

SESSION: building, creating and finishing the attack

    England national coach, Kevin Betsy, delivers a session with grassroots players that focuses on building, creating and finishing the attack.

    These sessions are currently for reflection purposes only and any current activity taking place must follow government and FA guidelines.

    Key objectives

    Develop player understanding of:

    • building attacking moves through controlled possession
    • how to use individuality and creativity when attacking
    • providing defensive cover during attacking moves
    • using quick counter-attacks when the ball has been regained.


    Arrival activity and warm-up


    Building, creating and finishing the attack


    After you have watched this, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How would you adapt or tweak the practice to make it appropriate to your own players?
    • What additional challenges could you set to make the practice easier or harder for individuals or your group?

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