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Mastering the ball: futsal spin to win

    Help your players develop their 1v1 skills and their ability in possession, by using this futsal session which encourages plenty of touches of the ball.


    Set up an area and place four discs around the outside of it. Players are then put into pairs and given one ball between them.

    A session plan graphic showing a 1v1 practice on a futsal court, with four discs placed around the area to act as targets for the player with the ball to get to.

    How to play

    Players pass the ball between each other (as it’s futsal this is a great way to get them using the sole of the foot) and after each pass they rotate in a clockwise/anti-clockwise direction. Once they have done one complete circle and are face to face again in their original position, they’re ready to play 1v1.

    Either player can start the attack. One point is scored by stopping the ball under control at the discs on the side, with three points being scored if they can beat their opponent and stop it at the disc behind them.


    To move this session forward, demand that the player in possession stays on the ball for a certain amount of time (or as long as they can) before scoring. The time allowance will differ for each player, but encourage them to increase the time they stay on the ball before deciding to score. If the opponent can win the ball cleanly (kicking the ball away is a last resort) they can attack straight away.

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