5 - 11

Mastering the ball: keeping possession

    Encourage your players to stay on the ball and keep possession by playing this small-sided game with added challenges.


    This game can be used with a variety of numbers from 1v1 right through to 6v6 and all variations in between (including under/overloading). Create more space and make the players think by facing the goals backwards.

    A session graphic showing a 3v3 game with mini goals.

    How to play

    Each team is trying to play a possession-based game and score. If the ball goes out then players can dribble in or pass to a teammate. Encourage players to experiment and try different ways to be creative.


    Progress the game by asking your players to:

    • try to stay on the ball until they can pass forward
    • try to have as many touches as they can whilst keeping the ball for their team.

    Plus add any individual challenges you have for each player.

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