Mastering the ball

Guide 5 - 11

Many parents lead busy lives and this can result in players arriving at different times for their training sessions.

Coaches can use these informal opportunities to build good rapports and relationships with the young players and also to sow some ideas that might encourage them to practise more.

Watch the video below to see how the coach in this example deals with the situation by setting some players individual challenges, to encourage them to try to gain mastery over the ball when they play and train.

Individual practice

The activities should be both age-appropriate and challenging. Achieving success when something is quite difficult, brings a great deal of satisfaction and promotes a good attitude to practice. Once players are comfortable with individual skills, get them to begin to combine them and then lastly, bring them into lots of game-like situations to develop them even further.

Let’s take a closer look at some individual ball mastering skills.

Ball mastery

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