5 - 11

Quick kick-off arrival activity

    When your young players first arrive it’s a good idea to get them into small-sided games quickly, and this arrival activity does just that.


    This game, which starts 2v2, takes place in an area of an appropriate size for the age and ability of your players.

    Arrival activity

    How to play

    As players arrive at different times, the game (which starts at 2v2) can be added to – just add players to the game to even out the numbers and ability on each side to keep the game competitive.

    At some point, one team might be playing under-loaded; this is fine as it will not be for long. At other times they’ll have the advantage or the teams will be equal in number.


    The game can be played with goalkeepers or with a scoring zone and other pitches can be marked out as well to cater for larger numbers.

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