Safe, fun and inclusive sessions: becoming a volunteer

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Want to get involved in football? Discover how EE Playmaker by England Football helped three women kick-start their journey.

Every week, football relies on over half a million volunteers. Come rain or shine, their aim is to create great experiences. Experiences that are safe, fun and inclusive – and that keep players coming back. It’s an exciting role. But, if you’ve never volunteered before, getting involved can feel difficult. Luckily, there’s an easy first step.

In 2020, we released a new digital course: EE Playmaker, by England Football.

Completely free and available to anyone aged 14+, the qualification provides an overview of our football must-haves. It demystifies the rules, provides simple session plans and explains how to talk to players. It even introduces basic first aid and safeguarding, too.

The course is essential learning for anyone who wants to volunteer. In ‘Watch Us Rise’, a new mini-series created by our lead partner, EE, Chelcee Grimes explores its impact on three young women.

To see their journey from total newbie to qualified Playmaker, check out the videos below.

Watch Us Rise: episode one
Watch Us Rise: episode two
Watch Us Rise: episode three

To get involved, take Playmaker now.

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