Score - can you keep the goal?

Guide 5 - 11

Embed your players’ learning further and bring practices and games closer together by using team challenges in your training matches.
If we’re to prioritise individual technique for each young player and create an environment that includes lots of games, then this practice is a great way to do it. It ensures players receive extra individual practice whilst being in a match scenario.If a team scores a goal, then all of them must do something to ensure they keep that goal, for example, they must face an opponent and make sure they’re in possession of a ball after a set amount of time. If they’re unsuccessful, the goal doesn’t count, and the game restarts.

The 1v1 challenges build upon the individual practice you do with your players, but they now become part of the game.

You can have an attacking or a defensive focus depending on the challenge, and you can also carefully manage difference as this happens.

The game is also great for putting players together into 2v2 or 2v1 situations to further support their individual needs.

Score - can you keep the goal?

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