Tag and chase

Guide 5 - 11

Tag and chase games are a great way to inject energy and excitement into the start of your sessions.

In the video below the coach starts off with a simple game of tag, then – using the same set-up – moves on to include more movements, more touches and more decisions for the players to consider.

After the initial tag game, the chasers are becoming opponents, trying to get possession of a ball and score. This fits really well with the Foundation Phase DNA and it's designed to help young players to be good at taking the ball off their opponents (rather than just kicking it away) and – having done this – to be confident and capable enough to attack quickly and try to score.

The 2v2 game at the end introduces a further level of decision-making and gives the players a chance to practise lots of situations that might happen in a match.

Tag and chase

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