The technical corner and the Foundation Phase

Guide 5 - 11

Help develop creative and exciting players by adopting the key England DNA principles and taking inspiration from our Foundation Phase content.

The FA is changing the face of player development in this country and our aim is to produce a new and exciting generation of both teams and coaches. Central to this change is the technical/tactical development of players, using the key principles in the England DNA.

With the DNA Foundation Phase content, we aim to help adults supporting the development of our youngest players.

The England DNA statements below, relate to the three main elements of the game (in possession, out of possession and transition – both attacking and defending) and each element contains three headlines. 

The England DNA nine key statements covering in possession, out of possession and transition.

In our Foundation Phase content, you’ll be introduced in more detail to the underlying meaning behind each of the headlines.

The real power of the England DNA will be when, with the help of the adults who support our players through each phase, there’s a consistent message and common direction at every level of the game.

The importance of the Foundation Phase has never been clearer. The attitudes and characteristics of players in this phase of their development can be positively influenced when entering the development pathways, whether that’s at grassroots or elite level.

Adults working with these young players can leave a lasting legacy upon development.

If we get this right, when you use the England DNA in the technical development of your players, you’ll be right on message.

To learn more about Foundation Phase DNA, click here.

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