Why can’t we play futsal: development

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In the fifth, and final, part of a series focusing on the benefits of playing futsal, particularly in winter, The Boot Room looks at how a different kind of England player can be developed by playing indoors.
The England DNA in the Foundation Phase is committed to sending out very clear and consistent messages regarding the development of a different kind of England player.Futsal is a great youth development tool and it can be utilised to further players’ learning, particularly in the winter months when games might be few and far between, so it can help to create that ‘different’ future player.

It would be beneficial for your players if the game was to become a natural part of their development and the way their seasons are structured when they’re young.

The benefits to development, in line with the DNA, of going indoors and playing futsal far outweigh the cold and wet experiences your young players might get (if the game is actually on outdoors) in winter.

It’s important that your players do not lose months and months of development as they will lose focus and motivation. Futsal is the perfect option for the implementation of the England DNA and it will keep the development of your players on full throttle all year round.

See the coach embed some DNA messages at the end of a futsal session in the video below.

DNA messages

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